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Premio Search

Premio’s intuitive Search functionality enhances customer experience by delivering quick accurate results, and allows you to prioritise products for increased sales.

Search Management

A powerful tool for optimising stock visibility and fostering loyalty, you can easily manage search term results to control what products are shown to your customers, and in what order.


Pre-configured and ready to use with no additional user set-up required
Faster product discovery for a more efficient customer journey
All easily controlled and managed in the admin area of site

Search Features

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Auto-Complete results1:09

Pre-configured and intuitively re-indexing allowing users to immediately explore and discover products across the entire platform.

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Over-ride automation0:56

Highlight brands or products at certain times such as seasonally, during sale periods, or in re-introducing ‘back-in-stock’ items.

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Order how results are displayed1:09

Prioritise products in search term results to easily control HOW they are displayed to customers.


Effortless Product Discovery That Drives Sales

Premio Search helps you influence customer buying decisions. Customise search results to showcase preferred products, and align the shopping experience with your sales strategy.

Control what products are shown to customers

Easily manage search term results by adding products, setting rules, and even assigning misspellings and synonyms to cover all errors or variations in terminology.

Optimised Range Visibility

Products are automatically indexed by Title, Code, Barcode, and Category which means your customers can easily search & find a product even without complete information.

Seamlessly Integrated

Premio’s integrated search tool facility is seamless and efficient, and stays up-to-date with instant re-indexing of new and out-of-stock items.


Other store features that make Premio the ideal solution to your business needs

Live Baskets

Review all customers' basket contents in real-time to predict spikes/dips in demand for better inventory management


Promote products, offers and incentives with easy-to-use home screen and site-wide banner options

Assets Library

Centralise & manage all product images, videos and documentation for an enhanced shopping experience

Customer Profiler

Get to know your customers to facilitate more personalized engagement and better relationship-building

Product Restrictions

Control & manage what products are visible to what customers across your online store

Module Based

Decide the functionality that best serves a customers needs and activate modules on an individual basis

Explore Other Premio Functionality

That helps wholesales and distributors improve efficiency to accelerate growth