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Premio DigiRep

Equip your team with powerful tools for sales success. Explore how dynamic dashboards, real-time insights, and enhanced customer engagement features help sales reps increase productivity to drive sales.

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Sales Rep Reports 2:06

A dynamic dashboard of key sales performance metrics and customer engagement insights

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Product Insights 2:22

Instantly accessible real-time product information for better decision making and data-driven sales success

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Customer Interactions 2:12

Record, review and respond to customer interactions for a better service and stronger relationships

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Quick Lists 2:04

Boost sales with curated lists and recommendations tailored to customer preferences and behaviour

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Share A List with Customers 1:07

Create and share lists with customers to promote a product, range or offer to achieve sales targets

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Order on behalf of Customers 1:15

Empower your sales team to order on behalf of customers to grow sales and lock in customer loyalty

What is DigiRep?

Embedded within the core of the Premio B2B e-commerce solution, DigiRep is an intuitive analytics and reporting tool that helps sales reps work faster and smarter by harnessing real-time sales data at their fingertips

Unlock Customer Insights
Increase team productivity
Enhance customer experience

Help Your Sales Team Excel

DigiRep equips your sales team with the information they need to track and understand customers, the insights to identify growth potential, and the tools to strategically influence purchase decisions



Other DigiRep features that make Premio pivotal to a high performing sales strategy

Seamless Sales Workflow

Centralised store, easily accessible data and integrated engagement tools save time and increase productivity

Live Baskets

Boost Sales and customer satisfaction with real-time transparency across all customer purchasing activity

Brand Analysis

Monitor customer sales by brand to better understand preferences and identify growth potential

Stock Promotion

Detailed reports & sales analysis tools give reps deeper customer & product insights to better target sales efforts

24/7 Flexible Selling

Unrestricted access to real-time sales data means your team can work to their own schedules to achieve targets


Lists, interactions and sales statistics facilitate greater engagement among your team and their customers